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RAIN 6/30: Bloomberg says iPhone coming to Verizon in January

Posted on: 06/30/2010


In the wake of every new iPhone are rumors that it will be arriving on AT&T’s CDMA rival: Verizon. So
far those rumors have come to nothing, but now Bloomberg is reporting that, according to “two people familiar with the plans,” Apple’s iPhone will be available from Verizon in January 2011.

Yeah, it’s just a rumor, but two other reports line up with it and may add more credibility to the story. First, Bloomberg also points out that Verizon plans to debut several devices in January that run on its new 4G network. Secondly, The Wall Street Journal reported in March (here) that production of a CDMA iPhone would begin in September — meaning they could possibly be available in January.

The iPhone has been driving the mobile Internet radio field and its expansion onto other cellular networks could only fuel webcasters’ growth. As Engadget writes, “fingers crossed.” Find the Bloomberg article here.


At a recent “San Francisco Tech Talks” event, Pandora CTO Tom Conrad discussed the webcaster’s history with mobile devices — including plenty of advice for others in the mobile Internet radio space. For example, he downplayed the “first-mover advantage,” that is, the effect of being the first radio app in a new market. He points to Pandora overtaking Slacker on Android devices as proof of this, in spite of Pandora’s late entry to the Android app market.

He also said it’s important to know your users and what devices your target audience is likely to use. For example, media-hungry iPod owners were more likely to buy an iPhone, so getting on the iPhone was more successful for Pandora than getting onto miscellaneous Sprint cellphones in 2007.

He also revealed how the one BlackBerry device Pandora ignored initially, the Storm, now accounts for 60% of BlackBerry installs. Plus, he said, Android listening is starting to surpass BlackBerry listening for Pandora. You can find more coverage, and video of Conrad’s presentation, at GigaOM here.


SoundExchange will host a webinar today at 1PM EST, covering licensing options for new and existing webcasters, information on what exactly webcasters need to submit to SoundExchange and what SoundExchange then does with the royalties. Audio4Cast’s Jennifer Lane will also present “a brief overview of the Internet radio marketplace.” Register for the free webinar here.

SoundExchange has also been in the news lately for announcing it had paid out a record $54.8 million to artists in Q2, topping a Q1 payout of $51.7 million. Find more on the story here.


New York talk radio station WOR (710) will launch “The Elephant,” an online country music station, on July 2. Besides being available online, the station’s stream will also reportedly be featured on the “WOR Country” apps for iPhone and BlackBerry devices.

WOR Director of Interactive Jared Lapin said, “The pervasiveness of smart phones and other portable Internet devices means that the options for radio listenership are no longer limited by the frequencies available on the dial.” Radio Ink has more coverage here.

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  1. will I be able to get the steve malzberg wor710 am broadcast on the elephant 4-6 pm weekdays

    Paula Steckler · Jul 15, 08:57 AM · #

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