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RAIN 7/6: Apple's mobile advertising platform iAds goes live

Posted on: 07/06/2010


Last week, Apple launched its mobile advertising platform iAds. The service shows display ads within iPhone and iPad apps and Apple hopes it can make mobile advertising more elegant and targeted.

Advertisers can request specific demographic targets through iAds, Bloomberg reports, such as “married men who are in their late 30s and have children,” for example. That’s who’s targeted in an iAds campaign for Dove Men+Care soap. “Apple then overlays that with the iTunes information and targets quite well and quite surgically,” said Rob Candelino, marketing director at Unilever, one of iAds’ first advertisers. Other early adopters include Nissan, JC Penney, Best Buy and AT&T. Read more in Bloomberg here.

iAds was shown off at the same Apple keynote in which the iPhone 4 was debuted (RAIN coverage here). In related news, Tom Taylor reports today that Apple has quietly backed off from restricting third-party mobile advertising services on their iOS platforms. In April, Wired reported that Apple could ban such services from collecting essential user data and providing targeted ads (RAIN coverage here).


BBC Chairman Michael Lyons, in his foreword to the BBC Trust’s strategic review, expressed his disappointment in DAB and indicated the BBC might be putting more hope into Internet radio.

“The BBC’s newer stations were designed in part to drive digital take up. By 2010, we can see that take up of DAB radio has been slower than expected ten years ago and the BBC’s digital-only stations have not achieved the audiences or impact that was then expected,” he writes. “The BBC is already committed to playing a role in leading the UK radio industry to a fully digital future. A question remains about what that means in the longer term and what the potential is for Internet-based radio platforms to evolve.” The Register has more coverage here.

Meanwhile, Billboard reports (here) that the BBC Trust has “has accepted plans to…cut 25% of the online budget of the BBC.”


It seems Internet radio streams are becoming a popular feature of music festival iPhone apps. First there was Bonnaroo (RAIN coverage here), now it’s Lollapalooza.

As Time Out Chicago reports (here), Lollapalooza’s free iPhone app includes — besides schedules and other useful features — a customizable streaming radio station powered by Slacker. “It’s not a drastic departure from what Lolla’s website allowed for, but now it’s all housed on your phone.”


It’s a little surprising to us that you’re here, online, reading these words, as Prince has declared that, well, the “Internet is over.” In fact, the World Wide Web is “completely over…The Internet’s like MTV. At one time MTV was hip and suddenly it became outdated,” he said in an interview with The Daily Mirror (here). “All these computers and digital gadgets are no good…They just fill your head with numbers and that can’t be good for you.”

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  1. Prince says this internet is over!! This is about the most funny thing I have ever heard. Sounds like someone is showing his age. Even AM/FM Radio station no if they are not streaming online these days they are over and dead and not up with the times going on today. I do not no anyone under 45 years of age not walking around with a cell phone/Ipod on there ears or a laptop even in a restruant wile they are eating. Where in the hell is and what year is his mind in?

    Dade Moore · Jul 11, 11:14 AM · #

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