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RAIN 7/9: Pandora increases lead over broadcasters in Ando's May rankings

Posted on: 07/09/2010


In Ando Media’s Top 20 Webcast Metrics ratings for May 2010, Pandora is again dominant with a slight month-over-month gain as all of the top five radio broadcast groups slipped slightly for the second consecutive month.

Ando observed in their accompanying press release that “most key metrics were flat to down one to two percent among the top webcasters,” but in fact the two top broadcaster groups — CBS and Clear Channel — experienced drops of over 10%.

But first Pandora: In the Domestic Mon-Sun 6a-12m results, Pandora saw a slight 0.4% AAS (a/k/a AQH) gain from April (326,294 from 324,886). Pandora’s AAS is now over 3 times that of second-place CBS Radio’s 105,401 AAS.

Meanwhile, CBS Radio experienced a 12% decrease in AAS from April to May in the same report (dropping from 120,043 to 105,401). Clear Channel suffered similarly, dropping 10% in AAS in the Domestic chart.

Overall, CBS Radio’s domestic AAS has decreased 27% since January 2010 (146,148 to 105,401) while Clear Channel is down 11% since their AAS high-point of 82,424 in March 2010.

Online-only webcasters held their ground with minimal gains and losses. Second-place on the “All Streams” ranker Digitally Imported, for example, rose to 56,707 AAS in May from 55,584 in April while 977Music.com (#3 in the Daypart 6am-12am, Mon-Sun ranking), rose from 35,210 AAS in April to 36,272 in May.

The May Domestic and All Streams charts for the Mon-Sun 6a-12m daypart are shown below. Find more from Ando Media here and read our coverage of April’s rankings here.

Ando will be hosting a conference on Thursday, July 15th at 3pm EST to discuss the ratings and answer questions. You can register here.

RAIN ANALYSIS: With such a consistent pattern of minor declines (including a slowdown in Pandora’s growth) in a month in which one would not expect seasonal declines, one wonders if there was an underlying minor methodological change… Wait! Got it! As you may know, most streams have higher listening on weekdays than weekends or holidays. April was 73% weekdays; May was only 65% weekdays. Therefore, the average stable webcaster would be expected to see a 5% decline in May due simply to the higher weekend-to-weekday ratio in May.

The bigger picture, however, is that interest in listening to simulcasts of terrestrial stations online does not seem to be growing in 2010 (whereas interest in listening to multichannel and/or personalizable streams is indeed growing). — KH


SNL Kagan will host a 90-minute webinar on “The Future of Online Radio Revenue” later this month, featuring executives from CBS Radio, Pandora, Triton and Katz 360. The webinar will cover a variety of topics, from mobile’s impact on Net radio to online radio ratings and Internet radio’s potential in cars.

Panelists include Mike Agovino, Triton Media Group’s Chief Operating Officer, CBS Radio VP of National Digital Sales Adam Goldman, Pandora’s Director of Audio Sales Les Hollander and Tom Perry, VP/Manager of Katz 360 Sales. It starts on Wednesday, July 21 at 2pm EST. Registration is free for SNL Unlimited subscribers, $199 for others. Find out more and register here.


Movido TV is a new initiative from Latin Global Entertainment Networks aiming to provide radio stations with online video content. The videos are weekly 5-15 minutes long “short-form” programs, ranging from sketch comedies to “Pico and Paco,” a show about a pair of Beverly Hills cats. The programs are produced, marketed and monetized (through pre-roll and mid-roll ads) by Movido. Find out more about the company at their website here.

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