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Posted on: 04/18/2007

Webcasters and listeners in the fight against the latest CRB ruling save net radiohave a powerful new tool in their corner: SaveNetRadio.org.

SaveNetRadio.org is the centralized site for all webcasters, artists, listeners and supporters of Internet radio who want to take action to help fight the imminent silencing of the webcast industry.

The site focuses Webcasters on one unified message that they can then pass on to their audiences to help mobilize them in the fight against the CRB rates.

The idea is that that all PSAs, banner ads, and links point to SaveNetRadio.org for Congress and the public to hear a strong, coherent message from Webcasters on this issue.

For all media, the SaveNetRadio site should be the go-to destination that all coverage links and points back to.

The SaveNetRadio site is designed to help listeners effectively voice their opposition to the new CRB rates by linking them directly to their representatives in Congress.

The site makes searching for and contacting your local reps simple, and allows you to easily pass word of the effort on to friends and contacts.

[We have been advised that while every e-mail to a member of Congress helps, the most effective contact is via written letters and a phone call to the office of each rep.]

Below is a quick list of ways you can use the SaveNetRadio site:

What the CRB denial really means
Because we were all in the process of flying home from the RAIN Las Vegas Summit, we didn’t have time to add a “RAIN Analysis” to yesterday’s story (here) about the Copyright Royalty Judges rejecting everyone’s requests for a rehearing.

Our impression is that this may actually be good news for our efforts to get the CRB royalty rates set aside.

Here’s why: Many Congressmen were taking a “wait and see” attitude — i.e., “Let’s give the process a chance to work.” We have now done so.

The next step in the process, an appeal to the U.S. Court of Appeals, would be a months-long endeavor. Since the royalty obligations come due on May 15th, most webcasters will be forced to shut down long before that appeals process could play out… unless Congress intervenes. KH

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