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Science-fiction future can arrive in the blink of an eye!

Posted on: 01/20/2009

Sometimes change comes at almost unimaginable speed!

It was only six years ago, in fall of 2002, that the second season of “24” debuted with a plotline that incorporated the character of David Palmer (pictured),
an African-American, as President of the United States.

It seemed like science fiction. It seemed unimaginable that a majority of American voters could overcome their prejudices and elect a president whose ethnic background was not English, Irish, or Dutch (as they hadn’t for over 220 years) — even a candidate as wonderful as David Palmer. Pretty to think so, but hard to imagine.

In less than an hour, as I write this, we’re going to swear in President Obama.

Just six years from science fiction to reality! Really, barely the blink of an eye.

There are plenty of parallels in the world that RAIN covers:

Cell phone ownership among college students, for example, went from almost 0% to almost 100% in a six-year period a few years ago.

When music migrated from the AM band to the FM band in the ’70s, it took just a few quick years.

The fact that the average consumer is going to be carrying a powerful, Internet-connected micro-PC in the pocket (i.e., a smartphone) is a process happening right now — and happening quickly.

But for the moment, let’s just enjoy the inaguration and give thanks that positive change (in social attitudes, in technology, and more) can happen and happen fast.

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