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RAIN: Radio And Internet Newsletter (at www.kurthanson.com) has been the leading trade publication dedicated to Internet radio (and, more generally, "future of radio" topics including HD Radio, satellite radio, and podcasting) for over eight years!

RAIN's readership is comprised of two types of decision-makers: (1) Terrestrial radio industry executives interested in interactive and online opportunties, and (2) executives in the nascent field of Internet-only radio.

If you have a product or service aimed at either of those two audiences, RAIN is the ideal publication in which to advertise.

Advertising Opportunities


RAIN's daily e-mail goes out to a list of over 6,000 subscribers. The number of daily visitors to the website depend on the day's news, but can range anywhere from hundreds to thousands of readers.

Talk to your best prospects, and you'll find that a huge percentage of them are regular RAIN readers

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